hospital delivery







Gifts must be addressed to the mother, who is the patient, with the correct names as per her hospital admission.  Please advise the ward number, if you know it.

Delivery:  Modern Mums often have a very brief stay in hospital after the birth of a baby so please read our delivery timeframes to ensure that the recipient will be still in hospital on the anticipated date of delivery. 

Many hospitals do not allow couriers onto the wards, and therefore your gift will be delivered to the central delivery point identified by the particular hospital (ie reception, nurses’ station, delivery dock etc.)  It is then up to the hospital staff to deliver the gift to the appropriate ward.  Unfortunately, this may result in a slight delay. 

We make it part of the terms and conditions for the service we provide, that we consider our part of the delivery process has been completed once your gift has been delivered to and signed for by a member of staff at the central delivery point

If Mum has been discharged before the parcel is delivered, the hospital will usually refuse to accept it.  The parcel will be taken back to our courier’s depot.  Once it is back at the depot we can arrange for a re-direction of the parcel.

  • Re-delivery can take up to three business days and may incur an additional delivery fee that will be passed on to you. 
  • If the hospital accepts the parcel and it is signed for by a member of staff there, we regret that the matter is out of our control. We are no longer in possession of the gift and you will need to contact the hospital directly to arrange for it to be forwarded on to the recipient. 


Please consider sending your gift to Mum’s home address.